Best Way to Restore Data from Corrupted USB Drive

Are you one among them who Google in internet frequently to recover corrupted USB drive? Perhaps you have come across some disheartening situation when you plug in your USB drive into the computer. In case your USB drives such as pen drive, flash drive, memory sticks etc gets corrupted most often the refuses to mount whenever to try to open the on your Windows or Mac computers. You may see a dialog box that pops up stating “USB drive contains errors” or sometimes alerts stating “USB drive not recognized” and “USB drive needs to be formatted”. What will you do and how will you recover corrupted USB drive? Instead of wasting time you can restore corrupted USB drive files within no time using this USB drive recovery software.

What is USB drive?

USB drive which is also known as a flash drive or keychain drive is a portable flash storage device based on the concept of plug and play. USB drive has replaced and can be used instead of floppy disk, zip drive disk or CD. Unlike other removable device, a USB drive does not require rebooting after it is plugged into the computer’s USB port. It neither needs battery or external power supply nor is platform independent. USB drive comes in different shape and sizes based on their storage capacity. There are many big brands of USB drive that are available in the market such as- Transcend, Kingston, Hp, Sony, SanDisk, iBall etc.

What corrupts your USB drive?

Your USB drive may be corrupted due to any one of the following reasons-


The primary cause of certain abnormal behavior with your USB drives after corruption can be because of-

  • Virus infection
  • It may also get damaged when it is attached to the system during formatting the hard drive of the computer
  • Improper handling
  • Abruptly removing the USB drive without using the “Safely Remove Icon”.

Let us consider a case, for instance when you plug in your USB drive to your system and you notice that all the files and the folders are transformed into strange or weird characters and you cannot access any of the data that was previously stored. This is the time when you realize that there is nothing you can do. Your USB holds media files such as audio, video, and even images. You do not have to worry on all this circumstances as you can restore data from corrupted USB drive using our most reliable USb drive recovery tool. For any user looking out for a tool to recover damaged video files from your USB disk, then using this magnificent USB recovery wizard could be the ultimate option.

Specialty of this recovery application to restore corrupted USB drive data-

  • This toolkit supports corrupted USB drive recovery on all the different versions of Windows and Mac computers so as to recover corrupted USB drive files. One can easily recover corrupted jpeg files from their computer’s hard drive, digital camera’s storage devices or mobile phones too. Hit this link to learn
  • This software can identify and restore up to 300 file types including documents, spreadsheets, email archives, zip archives and other important file types based on their unique signatures.
  • Using this effective tool user can even perform data recovery from corrupted partition

  • It can retrieve files from corrupt hard drive thereby supports recovery of data from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, external USB drives, FireWire Drives, iPods.

  • View recovered data on the basis of file extension using the "File Type View" option View files and folders in a hierarchical view using the "Data View" option.
  • It supports corrupted USB drive recovery comprising of different photo file formats such as cr2, crw, nef, srw, orf, mrw, raw, giff, png, tiff etc.

Go to the URL: to know what are the reasons and ultimate solutions to retrieve data from hard drive from your system.

Useful Tip-

It is recomended not to perform any read or write operation or download / upload any files after USB drive gets damaged in order to prevent overwrite issues and effectively perform corrupted USB drive recovery process. Always try to keep a backup files and avoid using unsecure third party application to protect your files. At the same time it is also advised to unplug the USB drive from your computer using the "Safely Remove" icon. Do not use the USB drive in insecure devices as it may be infected by virus.

Scenarios of a corrupt USB drive-

Other than the above mentioned reasons for the corruption of USB drive, there are few more that can be added to the list-

  • Compression / Synchronization error also leaves the USB drive corrupted which further results into huge data / file loss. In this process you may lose your fond memories, favorite audio / video files, important official documents etc.
  • Formatting the USB drive in different devices is also one of the reasons for corruption of USB drives.
  • Excessive exposure to third party application also leads to corruption of files and folders stored in a USB drive.

Guidelines to recover corrupted USB drive-

Here are the guidelines for users to use this software in order to restore deleted files from Windows Operating System:

  • Users first of all need to download and install this particular software in Windows OS. Once it is installed users must launch the application to restore corrupted USB drive files.
  • After launching the application, user must select the option "Recover Files"option.
  • Recover Corrupted USB Drive - Main Screen

  • Next, on the new window user have to opt for the "Recover Lost Files" option in case they want to restore data from corrupted USB drive.
  • Recover Corrupted USB Drive - Second Screen

  • Once they select the above mentioned option, user needs to select the logical drive from which they want to retrieve the files and then a rigorous scan begins to retrieve all the lost folders.
  • Recover Corrupted USB Drive - Select Drive

  • Once the scan gets over and user has the priviledge to view their recovered filoes either in "Data Type View" or as "File Type View".
  • Recover Corrupted USB Drive - File Type

  • Later user can preview and save the recovery process into a new destination folder by selecting the "Save Recovery Session" option.
  • Recover Corrupted USB Drive - Save Files

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