Steps to Recover Files from Corrupt Hard Drive

Hard drive is an extremely important part of our computer as it holds all data and information. Hard drive is also referred as hard disk drive, HDD, hard disk or disk drive. The information about the storage capacity of the hard drive is given by the manufacturers in MB, GB or TB. Hard drive can store any type of file type like- videos, text files, audios, photos etc. These days external hard drives are available that needs to be connected to the computer via a USB port cable. But under certain circumstances we may lose our data files from our system’s hard disk drive due to corruption. The issue to recover files from corrupt hard drive is a matter of concern and cannot be taken lightly. Hence to help user cope up with frustrated situation, this hard drive recovery has been crafted by industrial experts keeping in mind about the user friendly interface.

Usually when your hard disk corrupts one can no longer access the data and files that were stored in it. The only option left with the user is to restore corrupted hard drive files using reliable recovery software. But then which recovery software will you opt for? There are not too many software in the market that can perform multiple tasks and can be relied on. You can make use of this third party recovery software and retrieve back all your damaged HDD files and folders within no time. This software can be relied on as it supports both Windows and Mac system to restore data from damaged hard drive.

Let us now discuss a few important scenarios where hard drive may get corrupted. Hard drive gets corrupted because of virus attack, improper shut down of system. In case you turn down your personal computer without closing open application, after that system’s local and external HDD may get corrupted. The viruses may attack your computer because of browsing some insecure third party browser and downloading contents through the unauthorized websites. Another possible reason for hard drive corruption can be system power failure.

Let us look into a scenario where user queries for ultimate software to restore corrupted jpeg files along with other important documents after his external hard drive corrupted due to viral infection. User tries out all the possibilities to recover the files but he does not find out a suitable robust and efficient HDD restoration tool. User can hit the download button on this page to recover his corrupted .jpeg files. This application is a multi functional wizard. It recovers around 300 different file types. Bellow we shall look into the special features of this software. The URL here: provides a brief overview on .jpeg file type recovery and restore data from damaged hard drive.

What makes this software a unique one to recover files from corrupt hard drive ?

  • It is the perfect solution not only to recover data from damaged local hard drive but it is also the perfect solution to recover data from damaged external hard drive.
  • To restore data from damaged hard drive, the application scans entire hard drive within couple of minutes by utilizing built-in scanning algorithm.
  • By using this recovery program you are able to retrieve data from corrupt hard disk of any sort of file from the type of hard disk.
  • By the launch of this software it has become easy to restore corrupted video files on your computer.
  • This toolkit is extremely useful to recover files from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT, HFS partitions or drives.
  • You can even save your disk space by compressing recovered files in a zip archive.
  • This software can even be used to restore damaged USB drive files such as files from pen drive, memory stick etc. Click Me for the entire procedure of restoration.
  • To extract files, initially you download and install this software within your computer. Then run the software by double clicking on the icon and start to recover files from corrupt hard drive.
  • This tool even facilitates the user to recover files from their corrupt memory card.If you want to read more about corrupted memory card recovery then go to this page:

Mandatory Tips:

It is strongly advised not to perform any read write operation or download and upload any files after loss of data because of damaged or corrupt hard drive in your Windows or Mac system in order to prevent overwrite issues. Always try to keep a backup files and avoid using unsecure third party application to protect your files. Also keep updating a reliable antivirus software.

Scenarios of corruption of hard drive-

The most common reasons for corruption of hard drive disc are-

  • MBR corruption is master boot record is a special type of boot sector that holds the information about the logical partition arrangement of the hard disk. If MBR is damaged then OS is unable to BOOT. This results in huge loss of important files and folders from computer.
  • Bad sectors caused by sudden system reboot also corrupt the system hard drive disk, which results in severe loss of different types of file.
  • Installing virus infected software also corrupts data files as these malwares are strong enough to damage the entire system. Because of their presence for a long duration, they may even damage the entire HDD thereby corrupts many files such as documents, photos, videos and audios too.
  • Other reasons can be like-
    1. Journal corruption
    2. Master File Table Corruption
    3. Improper use of Windows or Mac Disk Utility

How to recover files from corrupt hard drive?

  • Users first of all needs to download and install this particular software in their Windows or Mac OS to retrieve data from corrupt hard disk . Once it is installed in the computer users must launch the application.
  • After launching the application, user must select the option "Recover Drives" from the main screen in case they want to recover some of their lost files and folders from damaged hard drive or partitions back on their personal computer.
  • Recover Files from Corrupt Hard Drive - Main Screen

  • Next, on the new window, user have to opt for the "Partition Recovery / Formatted - Reformatted" option to retrieve data from corrupt hard disk that vanished from their system.
  • Recover Files from Corrupt Hard Drive - Second Screen

  • Once they select the above mentioned option, user needs to select the logical / physical drive from which they want to retrieve the files and then a rigorous scan begins to retrieve all the lost or damaged folders.
  • Recover Files from Corrupt Hard Drive - Select Drive

  • Once the scan gets over user has the priviledge to view their recovered filoes either in "Data Type View" or as "File Type View".
  • Recover Files from Corrupt Hard Drive - File Type

  • Later user can preview and save the recovery process into a new destination folder by selecting the "Save Recovery Session" option.
  • Recover Files from Corrupt Hard Drive - Save Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users