Corrupted Compact Flash Card Data Recovery

Compact Flash card simply known as CF card is a flash storage device, mostly used to store data on portable electronic equipments such as DSLR camera, music player, camcorders, gaming console etc. Compact cards are widely used in digital photography as these cards can quickly save high resolution pictures like photos of a moving object in an instant. The storage space on CF cards allows users to store wide variety of file types such as songs, video clips, RAW pictures, pictures and many more. However it is also true to the fact that compact flash cards are prone to problems and one common problem is CF card corruption. Hence making it very necessary to recover corrupted compact flash card with the help of reliable third party utility like CF card recovery. Using this software you can easily retrieve all kinds of media files such as songs, video clips, movies, images and many more from your compact flash card in an easy and efficient way. Click here for corrupt video file recovery.

Data loss from CF card has become a very common issue, nowadays. However as mentioned above the data from the corrupt CF card can be recovered using CF card recovery utility, but the most important thing you should do after any corruption to your CF card is to immediately stop using it. Because adding any new data or using it further results in overwriting of lost files and permanent data loss; before moving towards the recovery procedure let us see few main reasons due to which your compact flash card gets corrupt.

Reasons for CF card corruption are:

  1. Removing or pulling out your CF card from DSLR camera or any other device during read / write operation
  2. Ejecting your compact flash card while folders and files are still open on your computer
  3. Inserting and using your CF card on incompatible electronic devices
  4. Adding new files to CF card even after its memory is full
  5. Virus or malware infection to CF card etc
  6. Interruption while copying CF card files from one storage device to another

You might have lost many of your CF card due to card corruption, but here are few precautionary measures which helps you to avoid CF card corruption. First and foremost never insert your CF card on incompatible electronic equipments, regularly backup your CF card data so that you can compensate the same after data loss situation, never interrupt while copying or moving files from CF card to any other device and lastly remove viruses from your compact flash card with the help of a powerful antivirus software.

Even after following the above mentioned precautionary measures, if you still lost your important CF card data. Then immediately use CF card recovery software, this is among the best recovery utility that you’ll find on the internet. More to this, the software also provides options such as “Preview”, so that one can choose the correct file before rescuing it.

Basic Features:

  1. Recovers RAW image files captured using popular digital camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus, Kodak etc
  2. Easily runs on both Windows and Mac operating system platforms
  3. Apart from CF card, also helps in recovering data from other memory card types such as XD, SDHC, SD, MMC, memory stick and many others. Go to this page if you want to recover file from corrupt memory stick.
  4. Has the ability to retrieve files from corrupt / damaged / formatted or even reformatted CF card

Steps to recover file from corrupted CF Card

  • Download and launch tool, after launching application, you must select the option "Recover Photos" from the Main Screen. And from Next screen, choose "Recover Lost Photos" option.
  • Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Main Screen

  • Choose your corrupted CF card from this screen.
  • Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - Select CF Card

    Fig 2: Select CF Card

  • Once the scan gets over view recovered files either in "Data Type View" or in "File Type View".
  • Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - File Type View / Data View

    Fig 3: File Type View / Data View

  • You can use save option to save restored files on your desktop.
  • Recover Corrupted Compact Flash Card - Save Files

    Fig 4: Save Files

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