Recover Corrupted

  • Restore corrupted drive files on Windows and Mac Operating System.
  • Fast engine to recover corrupted files and identify 300 different file types.
  • Supports recovery of compressed files from NTFS corrupted / formatted drives.
  • Proves as excellent software to recover corrupted video / audio files from your system.

How to recover corrupted data from your Operating System?

Data and files that are accommodated on our local machine get corrupted mainly because of corruption or damage of the hard disk drive. It’s a pity but most of the computer user these days often experiences this nightmare of hard drive failure. The reason behind corruption of files and folders is common for both Windows and Mac users. Even if we try to prevent the HDD crash but it is not possible always as we are always not able to prevent the intrusion of suspicious malwares / viruses, which damages the hard drive when they make a nest on our system for a long time. If you are not an IT expert you may sometimes wonder on how to restore corrupted drive? Well in this case, corrupted drive recovery software is here to answer your all queries and help you to perform data recovery from corrupted drive and restore HDD files and folders virtually in no time. It can efficiently and speedily recover corrupted jpeg files from your system’s HDD too. To gather more information on how it retrieves image files please click here.

The sad truth about HDD crash is that sometimes we end up losing certain valuable official documents, treasured pictures or personal folders and sometimes the loss scenario is so severe that we may not even be able to retrieve corrupted documents overnight. Above all the bitter truth is sometimes we do not know how to recover corrupted single or multiple folders that were accumulated since many years. It’s very certain that losing suddenly many years of stored data is too much annoying and can make a person try all the work around to restore corrupted drive. But then did you know that anything not permanently wiped out of your Windows and Mac Operating System. What happens in background is only the pointer or header address of these files gets erased and the space is marked free so that it can be used by new files and folders. Once the space is being used by new data files it becomes impossible to retrieve data from corrupted drive as they get overwritten by the new ones. Hence it becomes very important for the user to search for an ultimate corrupted drive recovery tool that supports data recovery from corrupted drive on all the different versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

On this page you will find out the how to recover corrupted data from your Windows and Mac system and what are the genuine reasons of corruption of HDD. Let us now have a glance at the features of this amazing corrupted file recovery wizard-

Why to use this corrupted drive recovery software?

  • Easy Restoration of files- This recovery wizard can restore corrupted drive files that are lost after severe corruption of a HDD on your Windows and Mac Operating System.
  • Efficient regain of data from damaged USB drives- This application efficiently retrieve corrupted files and folders from damaged hard disks zip drives, memory cards of digital camera, mobile phones, tablets, USB devices such as memory stick, pen drive, flash drive and thumb drive. It is one of the best utility to retrieve damaged external USB drive. You can check the mentioned URL: for further information on how to recover corrupted files. This corrupted drive recovery utility is available on internet for free. User can easily download its trial version by clicking the download button on this page and run this magical software on their system to retrieve corrupted files.
  • Recover corrupted information- This corrupted file recovery program has a different edition for Mac based OS and hence comes in two different packages that efficiently performs data recovery from corrupted drive on Mac volumes and retrieve all the corrupted files.
  • OS Support- It supports both Windows and Mac OS to restore damaged data.
  • Supported HDD type-Above all this magnificent application supports to from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, SD, XD, MMC flash memory cards, external USB drives, FireWire Drives, iPods.

Does and Don’ts after corruption of data files-

  1. As soon as you notice that your HDD is corrupted it is advised to immediately use a corrupted file recovery program to overcome the situation.
  2. One should always keep recovery software along with them and also maintain backup of the files.
  3. Stop using the HDD after its corruption in order to prevent overwriting of the files, so that one can easily retreive data from corrupted hard drive back.

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